Herb of the Month

A new product added to the farm! Besides our Quarterly Herbal CSA, you can now join in to the Bella Vista Farm Herb of the Month Box.


Each month you will receive a box of DIY Herbals pertaining to the herb we study that month. For example in the box pictured, if we study rose you may receive an infusion kit for wine or brandy, ingredients to make a salve and tea.

First months herb is #Turmeric for February. Ladies Homestead Gathering had an herb blurb last night on the benefits of turmeric along with tastings!

March Herb – Chaga

April Herb – Dandelion

June – Holy Basil

July – Passionflower

August – Reishi Mushroom

Cost $30/month contact me at mybellavistafarm@gmail.com first and then click the LINK to pay. ***This is for local pick up only – if you need it shipped, do not use the link. Approximate cost for shipping is $5-8.

Payment would have to be received 1 month before the herb box is to be delivered. Most will be distributed around the 15th of the month. Payment must be in by the 1st of the month prior. Unless you message me and I have room for more to join in after the 1st. 🙂 There is a private herb study group on facebook for all herb of the month and herbal csa subscribers.


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