Herbal Remedies

Here at the herbal remedies page, I will post many remedies that you can make yourself! Sometimes I will have the recipes in a regular post but will always copy the links here so you don’t have to search all over the world!!!


Thieves Formula Spray

004 (1024x768)


 Chickweed Salve. 🙂

1 cup of infused oil 1/4 cup beeswax 5-7 drops of lemongrass or lavender essential oil

To infuse an oil(I am sorry no pics here), take about 2 cups of freshly wilted chickweed(overnight wilt) and 1/2-1 cup of plantain leaves – place in a crockpot and cover with extra virgin olive oil. You can use other really good oils, that is just my preferred. Do not cover!!! Heat on low with a thermometer in the pot, keeping the temp between 95-120. When it reaches the higher temp, turn it down to warm or it will continue to get hotter. We don’t want crispy herbs!!! I leave it in total, about 2-3 hours until it smells nice and herby. Turn it off and let it cool before straining through cheescloth- squishing out all the good stuff. Keep a cup for the recipe and refrigerate the rest for later.

So heat the one cup of oil in a stainless steel pot or double boiler on low and add the beeswax until all is melted. I test the thickness by using a cold spoon that was in a glass of ice water and drizzle some oil onto the cold spoon. Let it sit a minute and test the hardness. If you like a softer salve, add more oil. Harder salve, add more beeswax.

Next place 5-7 drops of your essential oil into each of two 4-oz jars and pour the hot, chickweed/beeswax mix into each jar. Let cool, then close.

Chickweed Salves and Thieves Sprays
Chickweed Salves and Thieves Sprays

Let me know what ya think. 🙂 Have a great day today! Anne-Marie


7 thoughts on “Herbal Remedies

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    1. Hi Audry,
      It is used mainly for keeping germs away when someone is sick. Can use it as an airspray or hand sanitizer. It may burn cuts with the cinnamon essential oil. Hope that helps!


  1. Can I purchase one of your plantain oil and one of your chickweed salve. I love the infused oils with no essential oil. I see yours is made that way.


    1. Hi Stephanie, yes I do make the infused oils without essential oils but then I put them in after making into a salve. This week I have to make more chickweed salve for an order so if you do not want any essential oil in it I can do that.
      The infused oils are $5 for 4 ounces, salves $8 for 4 ounces. Let me know what you would like. 🙂


  2. Hi Anne Marie, Unfortunately the Itch Relief stick I bought today had little effect on whatever it is that is biting me when I go out in the yard in the evening. Whatever it is is too small to see and must be a flying insect of some sort..It leaves a big red splotch that itches. I applied the salve as soon as I came in and it is about 30 minutes later and I see no improvement..I have seen some tiny wasp like creatures on some of my plants so it is possible that is what it is that is biting or stinging me,, but I think i would see or feel them before the itch starts..Oh well, just wanted to let you know. Hope you have a good evening..Thanks Marianne


  3. Even though the itch stick did not work I still had the jewelweed salve and I washed the itch stick salve off and used the jewel weed and it immediately took the itch away….so I will save the itch stick for mosquito bites 🙂


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